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Move To Costa Rica – Is It Realistic?

Posted by on August 9, 2023

Is It Realistic To Move To Costa Rica?

If you've ever daydreamed about packing up your life and relocating to a tropical paradise, Costa Rica might've crossed your mind. But is such a move realistic? Let's discuss deeper to see if moving to Costa Rica is the right choice for you.

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Why Should You Consider Moving To Costa Rica?

Firstly, Costa Rica isn't just a pretty face. Yes, it has an enviable climate, captivating natural beauty, and political stability – factors often lauded on international travel forums. But it offers even more beneath the surface. The nation stands out from its Central American neighbours, such as Nicaragua, due to its lack of systemic issues. Costa Rica's constantly improving medical tourism and globally competitive healthcare are magnets for expats. Their National Parks are pristine, thanks to responsible governance and community care. And for those safety-conscious people, Costa Rica stands tall as one of the safest in Central America.

What Is The Cost of Living in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is not only about beauty; it's also a financially viable option for many. While it's pricier than some other Central American countries, it offers a more affordable lifestyle compared to many parts of the US or Western Europe.

Want to stretch your dollar? Consider these Costa Rican perks:

Lower rents.

Reduced healthcare, dental, and prescription drug costs.

Affordable public transportation.

Economic fresh produce, like local fruits, meats, and vegetables.

Budget-friendly cell phone plans.

To gauge the cost difference, compare Costa Rica's prices to a small town in the Midwest or South US You might find them equal or sometimes even cheaper. And when stacked against places like New York or California? The savings become abundantly clear. By making a few lifestyle adjustments, you can enjoy a comfortable life in Costa Rica without draining your savings.

What Is The Residency Situation in Costa Rica?

Obtaining residency might seem difficult, but Costa Rica offers a relatively smooth process. Some may grumble about limited options, but compared to many countries, Costa Rica is open-armed. The country has even introduced measures to make it simpler for foreigners. For instance, the minimum investment for the 'rentista' residence category has been reduced from $200,000 to $150,000.

For those still on the fence about permanent residence, there's no rush. Many expats opt for “visa runs” every three months. Essentially, Costa Rica lets you test the waters before making a long-term commitment. Furthermore, reliable owner like Costa Rica Properties can help you find your dream place with ease!

Is It Safe To Live In Costa Rica?

With any potential move, safety is important. So, how does Costa Rica fare? To be frank, it's a mixed bag. As per Central or Latin American standards, the country enjoys a commendable safety reputation. Most crimes tend to be spontaneous and non-violent. Indeed, the majority of expats and tourists don't encounter any criminal activities.

However, like anywhere, it's essential to exercise caution. Stay sensible, avoid dubious areas, and employ the same street smarts you'd use in any global location. The chances are high that, like many expats, you'll find a secure, welcoming home in Costa Rica.

Can You Move From the US To Costa Rica?

For US (and Canadian) citizens eyeing a move, entering Costa Rica as a tourist is straight forward. You just need proof of your exit within 90 days. However, for longer stays, you'll have to explore visa options like the Pensionado or Rentista Programs. The Pensionado requires evidence of a $1,000/month pension, whereas the Rentista demands a monthly income of $2,500 for two years or a $60,000 deposit in a local bank.

Recent changes also make it easier for digital nomads. Approved in 2021, the digital nomad visa allows qualified remote workers to live in Costa Rica for up to two years. This visa requires an income of $3,000/month ($5,000 for families).

Conclusively, moving to Costa Rica is not just a daydream—it's a viable, realistic option. With its balanced mix of beauty, affordability, quality lifestyle, and safety, Costa Rica can make a realistic option for a fresh start.

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